The Swaffham Crier Online

About the Swaffham Crier

Founded in 1977, The Swaffham Crier is a monthly village magazine serving Swaffham Prior, with the purpose of disseminating news and views. It has a circulation of around 400, is funded entirely by its advertisers and donations, and it is manned entirely by volunteers.

The current Crier team comprises: Caroline and James Matheson (Editors), Peter and Pat Cook (Treasurer and Business Managers), Ruth Stinton (Distribution Manager), Alastair Everitt (Cover Editor and Parish Council Desk), and Robin Scovil (Crossword Editor). Please see the contacts page for further details.

Most of all, the Crier owes its existence to its contributors, both in and outside the village, regular, occasional and once only. So, if anyone has a village event to publicise or report on, a comment to make or something to tell us about the village, the Crier will welcome their copy. Please send copy to the editors, questions about advertising to the Business Managers, and anything about getting copies of the Crier to the Distribution Manager.

A Brief History of the Swaffham Crier

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